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The Mobile Vet Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest standard of veterinary medicine with the greatest level of convenience for you and your pets. Being outdoors at one of our many locations reduces the stress and risk associated with being confined to a hospital waiting room. Another advantage of using the Mobile Vet Clinic is minimizing exposure to germs ad diseases found in and outside animal hospitals. Our staff is dedicated to making your pet as comfortable as possible when visiting us. We are more than happy to go to your vehicle in the event your pet has difficulty getting around or may not do well around other animals . Furthermore, through less stress, fear and trauma your pet will respond better at one of our convenient outdoor settings. We are here to make your veterinary experience less stressful.

As loving pet owners, we want our animal companions by our side for as many years as possible. At The Mobile Vet Clinic, we believe the best way to ensure this happens is by making a commitment to their ongoing wellness. By bringing your pet in for preventative care and wellness checkups, you’ll help protect him or her from many of the common ailments that can affect companion animals. You’ll also give us the opportunity to identify and address potential health problems early, before they have chance to develop and worsen. These simple things can add years to your furry, friend’s life.