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Return Policy

Return Policy for Medications

At The Mobile Vet Clinic, we are dedicated to providing your pets with the highest quality care and medication. Due to the nature of our products and in the interest of safety for all animals, we adhere to strict policies regarding the sale of medications.


All Medication Sales Are Final: Once a medication order has been processed, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. This policy is in place to ensure the integrity and safety of our pharmaceuticals. Medications that leave our pharmacy cannot be restocked or resold, to prevent any risk of contamination or improper handling.

We understand that this policy may raise concerns; hence, we take careful steps to ensure your order is correct and appropriate for your pet's needs:

  1. Accuracy of Information: When placing an order for medication, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure all information provided about the pet is accurate and up-to-date. This includes the pet's current weight, as it is crucial for determining the correct dosage of medication.

  2. Weight Verification: We require that you, the pet owner, confirm the weight of your pet at the time of purchase. This weight is used to verify the proper sizing of the medication. It is your responsibility to provide accurate weight information to avoid any potential issues with the medication’s effectiveness or safety.

  3. Consultation Available: If you are uncertain about your pet's weight or the medication required, we recommend consulting with one of our veterinarians before making a purchase.

  4. Dosage and Administration: Please follow the dosage instructions provided by the veterinarian or as indicated on the medication packaging. Incorrect dosage can be harmful to your pet.

  5. Reporting Issues: If there are any problems or concerns about the medication received, please contact our customer service team immediately. While we cannot accept returns, we are committed to understanding and addressing issues that may arise on a case-by-case basis.

We urge all pet owners to be diligent in the confirmation of their pet’s details and to utilize our resources and expertise to ensure the best care for their pets. By purchasing medications from The Mobile Vet Clinic, you agree to these terms.

Thank you for entrusting your pet's health to The Mobile Vet Clinic.

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